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For this project Jay and I worked together on a saving the bee campaign. When we started on this project, we were sure that we wanted to do something that would actually affect humans and because we knew that bees have a huge impact on humans we wanted to do something that would relate to saving the bees. Before we started working, Jay and I separated the work. So we decided that I will do the video and the poster and jay will do the stickers. Doing this was very helpful because we were both focused and we knew what we were doing. However during the process Jay had to leave but this didn’t really make a big difference because Achille and Mike were there to help me out. Both of them were really helpful and I introduced them to our campaign. They really helped me with the timing of the video, which helped me because when I was reading the text in the video it was easy for me to read but thanks to Mike and Achille I made the duration of the text longer so everyone had time to read the text in the video. They also helped me with the poster, so I asked both of them to do some research for me, which meant that I had more time to put into our video. Once we were finished with the 3 pieces for our campaign, we made sure that we all, as well as Ms Taynton, checked the work before we presented it to our class. Over all, I really enjoyed doing this campaign because this campaign showed me that planning out the work before you start is a great way to manage your time.


Power & Leadership


The past 3 weeks I have been working on my biography of Osama Bin Laden. I have done a lot of research on the Internet as well as used an actual biography that I got from the library to gather some information. This unit we have been learning about Power & Leadership, and I think it’s the most interesting unit we have done so far. This unit has showed me how people used their strengths in leadership to gain many followers and convince them to do something that they didn’t actually didn’t want to do. I think it’s really impressive on how you can ‘Manipulate’ people and make them do things. Many people use their strengths in leadership and speech to do good things but there are some exceptions like Hitler and Osama Bin Laden for example. That is why I have been concentrating on Osama bin Laden.osama-hitler-e1304436539240


Osama bin Laden was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1957 or 1958. Osama bin Laden’s source of money was from his father’s heritage. Bin Laden’s father was owner of the largest construction company Saudi Kingdom and when he past away he reportedly got over 250 Million $ which he then used for his terrorist activity’s. He started off his life as every other average person; he was well educated and therefore went to school in Jiddah. When Osama was 18 years old he decided to get married, his father unfortunately passed away and therefor he didn’t get his opinion. His young marriage had positive affects on bin laden because he learned to make decisions at a young age, He grew up as religiously committed boy and the early marriage was another factor of protecting him from corruption. Bin laden joined the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood but then criticized the Brotherhood, and accused it of betraying jihad and the ideals of Qutb. With the age of 22 he joined up with the Afghan Muja dine to fight the soviet invasion of Afghanistan. He did not begin life with a worldview; Osama grew up during a period of rapid and traumatic transition in Saudi Arabia, which may have affected his ways of thinking and his worldview. The suffering of palatines, the loss of Dane of Omar, and Israel’s very existence definitely later shaped his view. You could say that Osama’s actions were lead by revenge and hatred against the U.S.


He blamed the U.S for creating this “Zionist crusader” outpost in the Middle East. “They have mobilized their people against Islam”. Many events in 1979 fuelled him more toward the path of jihad and at this time Osama was somewhat lost. Osama’s family also influenced his outlook. The writings of the Qutb and radical Islam completed his worldview and made sure that Osama was finally aware of what he wanted to do. Quote from Jamal Khashoggi” He adhered to a very strict interpretation of Islam. He did not smoke, refused to shake hand with woman, and watched only the news on television. No pictures adorned the all of his home as he considered art un-Islamic. Although he belonged to a wealthy family he insisted on living a simple life, eschewing all extravagance.” The thing I don’t really understand is that Osama was a very religious person based on Jamal, How can someone like him end up doing so many horrible things? Osama’s beliefs have been dubbed “Jihadist Salafism” The afghan war against the soviets was another milestone that took him towards terrorism. At 21 years, he fell under the influence of Abdul Azzam, a Palestinian, radical Islamist. Azzam proclaimed obligatory for all Muslims Azzams preaching affected Bin Lade, how he wanted to fight in the Afghan war.


My Research Question…

Coming up with my research question was quite easy for me because I already knew what I wanted to research and work on. So therefor my research question is ”Can you justify Osama bin Laden’s Muslim beliefs?” I think my research question if fairly good because when I did some research on Osama Bin Laden there was fairly enough information to work with. Also, the thing that wants me to work with this research question is that I really want to know the answer. Did Osama Bin Laden use religion as an excuse to hurt other people or did he actually belief that he was doing the right thing. These are some questions that come to my mind and the thing is I don’t know the answer to those questions and that’s what is pushing me to do research and answer my questions. I might not get an exact answer but I believe that I can get fairly close to answering them. Even if I don t get don’t really get an answer I believe that I can come up with the answers myself. The thing I really like about my research question is that I also have to do research about religion and in this case it’s about the Islam. I want know how the Islam can change someone’s mind so much that they take everything too serious and eventually hurt other people just because of a religion. A religion is supposed to show you what is right and what is wrong, its not there for you to use it as excuse and hurt other people.


Power and Leadership

The past week I have done some research on Osama bin laden and it’s interesting how the Documentary, talks about Bin Laden. For example the USA represents Osama as a killer, he obviously is a bad person but they also should show his strong sites, for example his leader ship and his power. Osama obviously was a great leader because he was able to get many folloosama-hitler-e1304436539240wers. It’s interesting how a bad person like him can get so many followers. When I start thinking about that, some questions come to mind, why would people follow him? Why would people agree with killing other people? When I think about Osama Bin Laden I also think about Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was also a great leader but he also misused his power for the evil. Adolf Hitler’s power in speech made it possible for him to get many followers. He was a great speaker and this gave him the power to “manipulate” people and make people support him and this is why it’s very easy to compare these two great leaders. They obviously both used it for the evil but they were still good at what they were doing. What you also have to think about is, that they might think that its right to do what they were doing. Everyone has a different perspective on things….Maybe one day we will understand why they chose to do the things they did.



In our Language Arts class we have been reading the novel Frankenstein. We have also watched a movie of the novel. Now that we have finished reading the novel, we were given a project on pushing the boundaries. However, our task was to make up a research question and somehow connect it to Frankenstein. I first started off working by myself, but when I realised that Cole somewhat has the same research question as me, I decided to team up with him. So, Cole and I decided to team up and approach this assignment together. Before Cole and I started our research we first broke our research question into smaller questions in order to narrow down the research. Once, Cole and I did that I decided to watch a video about the creation of life and Cole started to watch a video about the reanimation of a dog. The video was actually quite good and explained everything well even though it was a very old video. The video I watched was fantastic and it really explained everything well. Now that I learned some information about reanimation, I can concentrate on my research.


Reflection on Unit 4: Connect, extend, challenge

Reflection on Unit 4: Connect, extend, challenge

We have read “The Merchant of Venice” in the past 4 weeks and I realized that a lot of Shakespeare’s plays are very similar to each other. This play for example was somewhat like “Romeo & Juliet”, the leading theme in “Romeo & Juliet” is Romance and the same goes for “The Merchant of Venice”. In “Romeo & Juliet” Romeo falls in with Juliet knowing that they cannot be together due do the fact that their parents are in a family feud. In “The Merchant of Venice” Bassanio a not so rich you man falls in love with a rich young lady knowing that it’s going to be hard to impress her because he does not have the money to do so. Both of these stories are about love however they do not have a similar ending.


To be honest, I thought that Shylock has done the right thing, Antonio made a deal with Shylock knowing the consequences. Antonio’s part of the deal was to pay back the money to Shylock however; Antonio knew that his source of money is not constant. He knew that his ships might not come to Venice but he still accepted the deal. Therefore, I think that Shylock has done the right thing. In my perspective it doesn’t matter if Shylock is a Jew or not, a deal is a deal.


The most difficult thing for me was the way the story was written. I of course understood what was happening but most of the words in the story are not used these days and therefore I had trouble understanding some parts of the story. This also is why its hard to write the essay because I understood the basic parts of the story but I of course did not fully understand everything that’s why I might miss out some important details in the story.


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